Wallboard Server Update v1.8

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TLDR Key Takeaways





TLDR Key Takeaways





On June 1st, 2020 Wallboard will release a new update with many exciting feature enhancements designed to give you even more tools when creating content for your digital displays. We paid attention to the types of integration end–users requested, while also redesigning our UI to be even more intuitive. Wallboard is driven by our end–users. We are constantly listening to end–user feedback and developing solutions to make Wallboard the most versatile digital signage platform on the market.    

In this update, we will cover some of the key feature enhancements and changes coming to Wallboard. These include:

  1. New and Improved Content Editor Interface
  2. Microsoft and Google Cloud Integration
  3. New Wayfinding Widget with Mapwize Integration
  4. Improved Enterprise-Level Security Features   
  5. Content Analyzer
  6. Audience Measurement
  7. Complete Meeting Room Solution, Integration with Google, Office 365, and Exchange

NEW Content / Loop Editor UI

The Loop and Content Editor’s user interfaces have been redesigned from the ground up to improve both functionality and workflow. The playlist editor is now shown as a stack on the left–hand side of the screen (like PowerPoint slides). This new visual layout shows how pages are organized within the content for easier content/playlist management. The widget formatting tools have been moved to the right side of the screen to accommodate the playlist editor. The playlist, element, and formatting areas can also now be minimized to allow for a larger canvas area. This updated, professional UI gives the end–user all the tools needed and in an intuitive layout. Now, content creation and management are easier than ever.

Microsoft and Google Cloud Integration

End–users can now connect their Wallboard platform to their Google or Microsoft accounts. Simply connect the Wallboard File Manager to the cloud storage platform of choice (SharePoint, OneDrive, or Google Drive) and manage files all from one location. This allows users to connect separately stored images, videos, and folders to their Wallboard content. Sharepoint integration opens the way to further customization possibilities with Sharepoint Lists and Libraries through custom development. With Microsoft and Google cloud integration, Wallboard eliminates the need to store assets on multiple platforms while expanding the number of individuals who can update content.

NEW Wayfinding Widget

In Version 1.8, Wallboard’s wayfinding functionality has been expanded with the introduction of a new wayfinding widget with Mapwize integration. Mapwize is the premier indoor mapping platform for the creation of new digital services inside buildings and events. Maps are easy to build and even easier to integrate into Wallboard. Our wayfinding solution allows users to create points of interest, add wayfinding/search functionality, and create content triggers all within the Wallboard UI. Simply drag-and-drop the wayfinding widget onto the canvas and connect it to Mapwize to create a fully functional, interactive wayfinding kiosk. No custom web development required. For more information about Mapwize, visit https://www.mapwize.io/

Security Enhancements

With more companies using digital signage and the need for remote system management on the rise, information security has never been more important. At Wallboard, we understand that having a robust digital signage solution isn’t enough if it lacks important security measures. This new update introduces several enterprise-level security enhancements to protect the end–user’s valuable information. These include:  

  • Keycloak SSO
  • Password Policy Settings
  • Brute-Force Detection & Protection
  • Major Logging Improvements
  • Searchable logs
  • Advanced local log gathering & storing with ELK stack
  • Advanced queries in Kibana
  • OWASP Top-Ten Compliance

These new features will provide end–users with the tools to implement their digital signage securely while providing peace of mind. For more details, view the complete list of new features listed here.

Analyze Content

In Version 1.8, end–users now can quickly troubleshoot content with the built–in Content Analyzer. Gone are the days of going through the content widget by widget to try to determine what might be causing an issue. Simply right-click on the content in question and select “Analyze”. The Content Analyzer will then check the content for any errors or non-standard widgets. The Content will receive a complexity score that indicates the size of the Content and if the hardware can handle the load. With the Content Analyzer, end–users now have an easy way to detect potential issues without the need for partner troubleshooting support.

Audience Measurement

Use integrated sensors to measure audience engagement with digital signage. Wallboard now provides the end–user with detailed analytics when connected to a sensor–enabled display. Track important metrics, such as the number of daily viewers and how long the average user spent engaging with content. This data can be used to craft dynamic content that will increase both viewership and the length of screen interaction.  

Complete Meeting Room Signage Solution

Wallboard’s new Meeting Room Signage Solution integrates with tablets or any other screen outside of your meeting rooms to create a fully customizable, digital signage device. Simply install Wallboard on your device and select a meeting room template or create your own custom design. Our meeting room solution integrates with Google, Office 365, and Exchange calendars. It is also compatible with RFID/NFC card authentication. Users can book, start, postpone, move, or delete meetings directly from the screen. With Wallboard, end-users get the tools they need to ensure their workforce is constantly aware of what meetings are happening and where.

Wallboard is always looking for new ways to innovate and improve our software platform. We rely on the valuable feedback from our partners, resellers, and end–users to determine what features are needed in future updates. For a complete list of updated features and changes coming to Wallboard Update Version 1.8, please see the detailed list here.

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